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Unique Ways to Use Custom Scarves – Boost Ticket Sales


In this new feature we are going to highlight some of the most exciting, beneficial and potentially ground breaking ways to utilize your brand new custom scarves! Well maybe ground breaking is going a bit far, but you get the idea.

Our first feature is on the Windsor Spitfires, a junior ice hockey team playing in the Ontario Hockey League. Check out the Spits custom scarves  and the unique way they have utilized them to boost ticket sales!

For a limited time the Windsor Spitfires had a promotion were they were selling two tickets for any game along with two custom-made rally scarves for just $50! These types of promotions are a great way to attract fans to buy tickets and create excitement for home games.

There are so many different ways to use your custom scarves, try using them as giveaways or gifts for loyal patrons and fans. Get out there and draw attention, create excitement, engage your audience and adoring supporters!

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