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Planning For a Successful Fundraiser


Take your time finding an item your crowd would not just want to buy, but actually use. Keeping things fresh and fun is a good way to break the fundraiser trance. Choose your colours and slogan with care, make an impression.


Know how many you will sell, not how many you might sell. Try setting up a pre-order form to gauge interest.


Find out what people’s expectations are balanced against your cost and goals, be realistic.


Research how many volunteers you will need to run your fundraiser, and where to recuit them.


Was there just a fundraiser last month or last week? People like to give, just not constantly. What is the best part of the day to fundraise? When can volunteers work?

Researching and evaluating the environment you are going to be fundraising in is vital to the success of a fundraiser. Knowing who you are selling to will define the product and procedure that you will use to fundraise. You want to have a firm plan with deadlines, times and locations, volunteer shifts, pricing, motivation and goals. To ensure success of your campaign, proper planing and calculated expectations will need to be employed in order for you to raise the most funds.

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