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Ruffneck Car Mini-Scarf

Introducing the Ruffneck Car Mini-Scarf

They may be small but our Ruffneck minis really pack a punch.

Measuring 13" x 3" (plus an additional 2" fringe at each end) these mini-scarves are a great way to promote your team, club, company, or organization 24/7. Designed to be hung in the window of any vehicle or home your supporters can hold their scarf high year-round. Installation is easy and worry-free! Each scarf has a clear suction cup at each end so they can be hung on any flat, clean surface without the need for sticky adhesives that may leave residue behind.

Just like our other products the mini-scarves are custom designed to can include your logo, graphics, and colours. The design can be the same or different on each side giving you flexibility to create a unique brand for your organization.

  • Dimensions13" x 3 " plus 2" fringe at each end
  • Composition is 98% acrylic and 2% elastic yarn
  • Include up to six colours in your design
  • Each side of the scarf can be the same or different - it's up to you.

Why choose Ruffneck Mini-Scarves?

  • Allow supporters to show their support 24/7
  • Great for prizes, gifts, and ticket holder-give aways
  • Fantastic for fundraisers and promotions

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