The Wrap Up – Team Radio

The Wrap Up – Team Radio

Of all the various promo items like pens, mugs, and stress-balls, the scarves are by far the most in demand item, and always bring a smile to the recipients face

Mike Eggen, Senior Account Executive at Team Radio 

In the radio business you are usually judged by how you sound, not how you look. However, when you sound as good as the guys on Vancouver’s sports radio stations TEAM 1040/1410, looking the part is also expected. So how you do get a group of larger than life radio personalities who usually disagree on everything imaginable to look like a team? To accomplish this impressive task, the crew at TEAM 1040/1410 decided to look into their marketing playbook, and call a familiar play…

We had previously ordered Ruffneck Scarves a few years ago and were very happy with the quality of the product and wanted to re-order with a new design,” said Mike Eggen TEAM RADIO Senior Account manager. 

To make sure the office got the design that best represented their group, they decided to get everyone involved and use the whole office to vote on which of the design options to select. After going through the custom mock-up designs provided by the Ruffneck design team, the TEAM decided to with a sharp tartan pattern (show above), with both of their sports stations iconic logos on the ends.

Like every great team, the TEAM 1040/1410 rewards and engages its fans. So by ordering a quantity of 1000 scarves, you can expect their team fan base to grow. “These scarves will be used for radio station clients, special events for staff to wear, and for giving to listeners” said Mike.

So when asked if the TEAM 1040/1410 ended up picking the right play to promote their business, or would they need to call an audible, Mike responded with “You can’t go wrong with scarves that can be custom designed, as it is the perfect ‘leave behind’ that will actually be used and will promote your company or team” 

Thanks Mike and the rest of the team at TEAM 1040/1410

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