The Wrap Up – Tangerine Banking

The Wrap Up – Tangerine Banking

“Great customer service, creative designs and a unique product”

Melissa Loomans, Social Media Specialist Tangerine Banking


The power of the supporter scarf is almost supernatural as it has the ability to bring a diverse group of people together in team spirit. It is used in stadiums around the world as a tool for fans to connect and demonstrate their allegiance to their team. However, many of us are fans of other kinds of teams in our community that don’t necessarily compete in stadiums. 

The fans of Tangerine Banking (formerly ING Direct) are so loyal that they literally trust their team to save them money. These loyal fans are the reason that ING Direct first decided to design their own custom Ruffneck scarf two years ago.

“We have a very vocal and supportive fan base both on- and off-line. We were looking for a way to thank our online supporters for engaging with us on our social platforms and the scarf seemed like the perfect option. With the Orange Scarf, our fans can show their love of saving,” said Melissa Loomans, Tangerine Banking’s Social Media Specialist. 

The first run of Ruffneck custom ING Direct scarves back in 2012 paid homage to the bank’s Dutch origins with an blue & orange argyle design. The following year, they decided to once again recognize their fans as “Our scarf in 2013 was a crowdsourced design. We asked our current scarf holders at the time to pick their favourite design from a selection we sent them,” said Melissa. The 2013 design that ended up being chosen by the fans displayed the ING Direct logo on one side with a clean and crisp blue & orange pattern on the opposite side.

By releasing a new design each year, ING Direct has been able to make their scarves a collectible and highly sought after item.

For 2014, the scarf’s design would serve a particular important purpose as beginning April 8th this year, ING Direct began operating under the name Tangerine Banking.

“The Tangerine scarf will be our way of showing our fans that the only thing changing was our name. Our core values and everything they love about the bank is staying the same.” 

Nevertheless, like any good team, Tangerine Banking is always interested in gaining more supporters and as Melissa said, “With our new scarf, we’re hoping to engage new fans and followers. Scarf recipients are asked to share pictures with the scarf using the hashtag #WeAreTangerine”

Clearly, Tangerine Banking is onto something here

Thank you Tangerine! #WeAreTangerine! #ScarvesUp