The Wrap Up – McMaster Engineering Society

The Wrap Up – McMaster Engineering Society

“We decided to order a second round of scarves because the original 100 scarves that we brought in sold out in roughly 9 hours and people kept coming by looking for some” – Jeff Jordinson, McMaster Drain Coordinator

The Ruffneck team recently got the priviledge to work on producing scarves for the McMaster Engineering Society’s merchandise shop called The Drain. The Drain is a University store that provides students and faculty members with various different Faculty of Engineering branded merchandise.

Recently, The Drain coordinators Jeff Jordinson and Steph Elder wanted to make some changes to the store by revamping the store’s appearance. One of the ways that they intended to do this was by bringing in a line of McMaster Engineering Society custom scarves, “We wanted to bring it into our Small Merchandise shop as a premium item” said Jeff.

Once Jeff & Steph had decided that a custom scarf order was something that they believed would be a welcome addition to their store, they decided to do some research on scarf providers.

“We stumbled upon Ruffneck Scarves and we just couldn’t be happier. We got exact quotes and the communication was very responsive. It was just an idea that with great help and proper communication, became a reality.”

Jeff and Steph put in a order for 100 custom scarves. The design of their scarf (shown in the photo above) was based on the McMaster Engineering Society’s student colours of red and yellow and also incorporated the iconic Faculty of Engineering fireball symbol.

Upon arrival, the scarves had a very positive reception from the school as a whole, “Everyone loved the scarves, from students to Faculty members to parents of students to alumni. Everyone wanted to get their hands on one,” said Jeff.

It wasn’t long before the McMaster Engineering Society decided to run a second order of scarves…

Thank you McMaster Engineering Society! Scarves Up!