The Wrap Up – Island Lake Resorts

The Wrap Up – Island Lake Resorts

After looking at various options and getting quotes, Ruffneck displayed a superior level of customer service and also a great price point for what we wanted” – Island Lake Resorts Director of Sales and Marketing Mike Mcphee

Located in breathtaking Fernie British Columbia, Island Lake Resorts is an oasis for skiers and outdoor lovers alike. With amazing powder in the winter and unreal hiking in the summer, Island Lake Resorts is the place to be year round. This natural beauty combined with a beautiful lodge and spa – there is truly something for everyone at Island Lake Resorts.

However, if you were to ask the team at Island Lake Resorts what makes their resort so special, they would of course mention their facility and location along with first class staff, but they would also mention their wonderful guests. For that reason, they like to send a gift to their guests to show them just how much they value their stays at the resort as “We have a great appreciation for our guests and like to send them presents every year”, said Mike Mcphee, Island Lake Resorts Director of Sales and Marketing.

When choosing the gift, they knew that they had to choose an item that was as exceptional as their resort, so your everyday run-of-the-mill branded material wasn’t going to be an option. That is where the idea for a custom Ruffneck scarf came in, as Mike continued “a custom soccer style scarf seemed like a unique and cool gift to send them.”

The next step was to produce a custom Ruffneck scarf design that could showcase the brand, as well as be something that customers would actually enjoy wearing. The design idea came really easy to Mike as “Our brand is simple, classy and our logo has a cool bear. It seemed logical to keep the design simple and clean.” This idea for a scarf that is both simple and classy is showcased in their choice to place the logo against a contrasting background, which almost allows their bear logo to leap off the scarf.

When asked what the reaction has been from customers who have received the custom Island Lake Resort scarf, Mike responded “We have had many guests thank us for the unique and custom Island Lake scarf. The feedback has been fantastic.”

Thank you Mike and the rest of the team at Island Lake Resorts – Scarves Up!