Top 12 Reasons to Use Custom Scarves for Fundraising

Top 12 Reasons to Use Custom Scarves for Fundraising

  1. Great for fundraising – potentially more than a 100% return!

  2. Easily market your school, business, or club brand.

  3. Scarves are personalized to your specifications.

  4. You get the same scarf (size, material, etc.) used by soccer fans around the world.

  5. Keep your school or club pride forever – you will never grow out of a scarf.

  6. The scarf is a common identifier among players and fans.

  7. We offer many designs and options – so it’s easy to change designs season by season.

  8. Free mock-ups of your scarf design.

  9. Scarves can be used for any sport, promotion, or event.

  10. Credit terms – place your order with 50% deposit up front and pay the rest

    once your custom scarves are ready to ship (You can sell the majority of the scarves before payment is required.)

  11. We provide excellent and prompt customer service.

  12.  Value added services including, fundraising help, selling best practices, design and order form PDFs, as well as web and social media marketing.