Southsiders Support for Charity

Southsiders Support for Charity

A Vancouver based supporters group shows us another great example of the fundraising versatility of custom scarves and how you can leverage your status in the community to make positive changes and significant contributions to meaningful cause.

The Southsiders are a prevalent Vancouver Whitecaps supporters group and a loyal customer of ours, currently they are organizing a charitable campaign to help raise money for the Vancouver Street Soccer League (VSSL).

The Vancouver Street Soccer league is an organization that demonstrates how important soccer can be in changing and empowering an individual’s life through sport and activity. The VSSL provides a positive environment for the homeless to make friends, engage in physical activity in order to stay healthy and give direction to at-risk youth and individuals from unique cultural communities.

You can support the cause by purchasing a limited edition “I BELIEVE” Southsiders retro-style scarf for $20 or you can donate by following the link here

The scarves are expected to arrive in May, show your love for soccer and help build a better community in Vancouver, reserve and pre-order your scarf today!