At Ruffneck Scarves Canada we recently spoke with Giancarlo Cusano, the founder and president of NVFC Campobasso, his team recently bought two hundred custom made scarves and we wanted to catch up with them and find out how they were doing. During our interview with Giancarlo we asked him about his team’s continuing success and how their custom scarves have added to the culture and identity of their team.

What was behind the idea of purchasing custom Campobasso scarves?

“Our main purpose for purchasing custom scarves was really to establish a club culture and identity. We started a brand new team, in the lowest ranks of Division 3, and we knew that in order to attract players, we needed to offer them something true and meaningful, something that they might not otherwise get from another team. Our custom jerseys, tracksuits, scarves, and socks, have all contributed to this, but more so have created a sense of family, identity, and belonging. We realize none of us are going to play soccer professionally, but why not try and run the club as though we were? Act professionally on and off the field, and it will lead to success!”

What has the reception been like for the club scarves and how have you utilized them?

“We love the scarves, and we wear them everywhere:  practices, games, fundraisers, and team events. At all our club fundraisers the scarves get passed around and by the end of the night, there are Campobasso scarves on everyone!

We had first thought we would sell our scarves, but we’ve ended up giving them out to friends and family members, and it’s great to see our fans come and show their support wearing our colours. They’ve really been a great touch, and when our current batch runs low (we had originally purchased 200), we will certainly be back for more!”

What does the future look like for North Vancouver Campobasso?

“We are planning on starting a new team for this upcoming season. We will still have our Division 1 squad, but we are starting a new CAT team, which will grow our club significantly and provide more depth for the enormous leap we are about to take. Keep an eye out for us because there are going to be a lot of NVFC Campobasso scarves making their way around town.”

NVFC Campobasso

NVFC Campobasso is a passionate, family-oriented, eclectic, respectful, ambitious, and devoted amateur soccer team playing in the Vancouver Metro Soccer League. They pride themselves on assembling a tight-knit group that is not only successful on the field, but emulates all of the traits above. You can find out more about NVFC Campobasso on their website, you can also follow them on twitter @nvfccampobasso.

We would like to wish Campobasso and their fans a successful first year in Division 1!