Customer Story – MUNDIAVOCAT FC

Customer Story – MUNDIAVOCAT FC

Mundiavocat FC the 2011 winners of the Burnaby Men’s Soccer League in Vancouver British Columbia have recently made custom scarves for their soccer trip overseas.

We sat down with Chris Beneteau their team manager to ask him a few questions about his team and his decision to make custom scarves for their trip.

Tell us about your team and your upcoming trip!

“Our team is comprised mainly of members of the legal family and we play locally in Vancouver. This year we won the Burnaby Men’s League Division I title and will be competing in the British Columbia Provincial Cup in May. Every two years, there is a tournament called Mundiavocat that is billed as the Lawyer World Cup. The tournament attracts teams from North America, Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe. All teams are comprised exclusively of lawyers and this year will mark our 7th consecutive entry in the tournament! “

Where is the tournament being held this year?

“Past tournaments have been in Spain, Italy, Turkey, and Hungary, and this year’s competition will unfold in Rovinj, Croatia. It is a beautiful resort town on the Mediterranean so it will be a nice stay for the ten day period. Our team goal is to finish in the top ten for the first time and I think our chances are good as we have our strongest team to-date.”

What made you decide to get custom scarves?

“Teams at the tournament traditionally hand out gifts to opposing teams prior to kick-off as a sign of sportsmanship and camaraderie. This year, we elected to go with Ruffneck scarves as our gift. We will also be using the scarves as gifts for our generous sponsors. We made sure to order enough for each of our players as well and we can’t wait for them to arrive!”

We wanted to wish Chris and the rest of the Mundiavocat team a safe and successful soccer trip!